Why UBT Accountants?


What we do every day

Every day we partner with our valued clients to create strategies, solutions, and peace of mind. We are committed to supporting them in their journey to business and financial success.


What we are striving to become

We are regarded as the advisory firm of choice. Our reputation for making a difference attracts clients and team players who are striving to reach their maximum potential.


What is non-negotiable 

  • Excellence & Integrity: Sound advice and service that you can rely on 
  • Solution-focused: We go above and beyond to find the best outcomes 
  • Care & Respect: Bringing out the best in the team and our clients 


Who we love to serve 

Business owners who trust our advice and partner with us to understand, grow and protect their financial wellbeing

Commitment Statement

Our Commitment to You

Being in business ourselves, we understand and appreciate strong relationships and the challenges and opportunities of business. We are committed to ensuring that our approach remains true to our values and that our mission and vision are at the forefront of what we do.

On your behalf, we are committed to the following;

• Confidentiality – always maintaining your confidentiality regardless of your circumstances

• Team – the ongoing training and development of our team

• Timeliness – completing your work within an agreed timeframe

• Quality – ensuring high-quality standards of work

• Communication – understanding your requirements and keeping you informed

• Professional – insisting on competency and professional development

• Network – providing you the benefit of our network of professionals, including our relationships with UBT

• Security – maintaining a secure environment for all documentation

• Video Meetings – being available to meet you

• Taxation – applying a creative approach to managing your tax, and ensuring compliance with your taxation obligations

• Additional Work – If you require additional work outside our agreement, we will provide you upfront quotes as additional work presents

Your Commitment to Us

For us to deliver on our commitment to you, we require you to be actively engaged in working with us.

Our Mission, Vision, and Values (above), provide an important foundation for a thriving ongoing working relationship with you.

The commitment we require from you includes:

• Resource – providing adequate competent internal resources

• Team – treating our team members with courtesy and respect

• Timeliness – providing all the required information as requested

• Quality – maintaining a competent standard of business records

• Process – respecting our processes to achieve efficiency

• Execution – following through and/or implementing agreed action items

• Video Meetings – being present

• Commerciality – understanding that our time, like yours, has a commercial value

• ATO – You agree to legally minimise your tax, maintain integrity and pay taxes on time

• Additional Work – commercial, realistic expectations

• Communication – being accessible and available to us

• Openness – telling us the full story

• Planning – involving us in your planning process

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